Welcome to the Finkel programming language documentation. Finkel is a statically typed, purely functional, and non-strict-by-default dialect of the Lisp programming language. Or in other words, Haskell in S-expression. [1]

Finkel has the following features:

  • Integration with existing Haskell modules.
  • Building Haskell-compatible Cabal packages.
  • Documentation generation with Haddock.
  • Lisp style macro system.
  • Tool executable, including interactive REPL.

The capital lettered term Finkel is used to refer to the programming language itself, and the quoted finkel is used to refer an executable program to work with the language. This documentation briefly introduces the finkel executable and the language, just enough to get started. Readers of this documentation are assumed to have some basic knowledge of the Unix-like environment and have some programming experiences with Haskell.


[1]More precisely, GHC in S-expression.