Building And Installing


At the time of writing, Finkel related packages are not yet uploaded to hackage and stackage.

Container Image

There is a container image with the finkel executable built from the latest source code with accompanying Haskell libraries and some development tools. The main use case of the container image is to play with finkel without setting up a working Haskell environment. For instance, one can run finkel with docker by followings:

$ docker pull
$ docker run --rm -it
/ # finkel eval '(putStrLn "Hello, Finkel!")'
Hello, Finkel!

See the GitHub package page for more info.

Building From Source

Getting The Latest Source

Clone the Finkel repository with git:

$ git clone

Building With stack

One can use stack to build the packages. To build and test with stack:

$ cd finkel
$ stack build --test

And to install the finkel executable:

$ stack build --copy-bins finkel

Building With cabal-install


As of cabal-install version, installing with cabal v2-install does not work. This is a known issue related to the file extension used by Finkel. To install with cabal-install, use the cabal v1-install command or the setup executable built under the dist-newstyle directory.

To build and test with cabal-install:

$ cd finkel
$ cabal v2-build all
$ cabal v2-test all

Building With nix

The git repository contains default.nix file. Building and testing with nix could be done with:

$ nix-build